Impetus provides cutting-edge, web-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications tailored towards unique industries with an emphasis on being set to receive customizations on demand.

Our platforms are built from the ground up to quickly, efficiently, and intuitively perform the routine tasks required for your industry.

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RoofHQ is the ultimate tool for roofing specialists to aid in planning and managing projects.

Check out RoofHQ today and see how it can streamline your ordering process.

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ServHQ is the essential tool for maintaining a service department and handling multiple customer items.

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StormHQ is the premier solution for Public Adjusters specialized in the roofing industry.

See what makes StormHQ the best solution with the interactive sample.

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The Ultimate Order Building Tool For Roofing Companies & Sub-Contractors

Do you think your material ordering process could be simpler?

RoofHQ aims to simplify material ordering as much as possible. We're saying goodbye to calculators, complex formulas and fudge factors, and inconsistent order quantities. And it's done with a one-page website, not the fancy, traditional softwares that come with a million items you never use.

Want to feel more connected with an interactive ordering tool?

RoofHQ builds 2D and 3D models of your clients' roofs, along with auto loading the Google Maps location of your clients' addresses. With the model tool, you can move and rotate the roof while highlighting more specific areas of interest such as eaves, 10/12 pitched faces, etc.

How does RoofHQ achieve this much automation?

The RoofHQ system is built to break down the XML data file available from aerial image companies like EagleView, parsing out required dimensions and creating the quantities necessary for each part of your order based on preset calculations.

Curious to see how RoofHQ can make a solid impact on your business? See how quickly you can create an order in the sample version below.

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The Essential CRM Tool Tailored For Hardware Store Service Departments

Looking for a more straightforward approach to managing your department's workload?

ServHQ has a powerful Quick Search bar so you can access the job page instantly by name, phone, or ticket number - improving employee efficiency and keeping your customers satisfied.

Having difficulty managing jobs in your service department?

ServHQ was built upon simplicity. Features like automatic label printing and the one-click ticket duplicate make processing and tracking jobs easier than ever. Say goodbye to the notepads and spreadsheets.

Tired of having to physically be at your service counter to check on a job?

The web-based ServHQ platform allows secure access from virtually anywhere. The desktop and mobile-friendly interface means ServHQ is ready to be opened on any device.

Wondering if ServHQ can help in more ways specific to your business? It probably can or already does, I just couldn't find a good way to list every feature in this e-mail. Reach out with your questions to find out.

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The Premier CRM Solution For Public Adjusters Specialized In The Roofing Industry

Looking for a simple, intuitive way to manage your data?

StormHQ was built upon simplicity. User interaction is at the heart of every design choice, keeping data as easy to understand and update as possible. And with on-the-fly editing options, excessive clicks and page hopping is kept to a minimum.

Looking for a readily available solution with instant access anywhere on any device?

The powerful web-based StormHQ platform allows secure access from virtually anywhere. And with the mobile-friendly interface supporting near complete functionality as the desktop application, StormHQ is ready to be opened before every meeting, during any call, and after every knock. You can even download the webapp version for one-click access.

Having difficulty choosing between the out-of-the-box CRM options and build-it-yourself counterpart?

Your company is unique and so is how you manage your business. You shouldn't change your processes to match a system, but have a system adapt to your processes. Fit-for-all options don't always seem to fit just right and hiring your own developer would cost a fortune, which is how StormHQ was created. StormHQ was designed with robust, cookie-cutter principles for the general Public Adjuster agency, with the expectation of modifications for specific users.

StormHQ is ready to manage your business from day one: job management, calendar, material ordering, sales insights, and all. We can even assist with the initial data migration. And when you discover that new field you want or report you'd like to see after a couple months, it's just a text away from being added.

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